Blog Post #3: Free Write

image by My Random Stuff

Talking about using images and responsible media usage during Thursday’s class sparked my thoughts for this free write topic. Dr. C wants us to use images to emphasize our blog. Naturally, I started mulling over what kinds of pictures I would use on my blog and I realized something about myself as a writer; I look at pictures for inspiration to make my writing better, but I never use pictures to highlight my writing.

I’ve always considered photography and writing separate arts. Books credit an author and an illustrator – two different people. I identify more as a writer than an artist, so I think I wrote the latter off. Dr. C’s lecture made me rethink this view. She brought up several examples of how modern technology has impacted the way audiences view discourse. The social media craze of our generation has taken “a picture is worth a thousand words” to a whole new level. In so doing, the fusion of images and words has become a standard in current communication. Especially for the most effective communication. I’m interested to explore how well I can put the two together.

I’m a huge fan of the website where I got the image I used for this post. There are always tons of great pictures on the site. When I found this picture, it summed up my article! The way the boys voice (a non tangible thing) translates into music notes (drawings anyone can recognize) mirrors how themes/big ideas can be conveyed strongly through pictures. Themes in writing aren’t always apparent so smart use of images can guide your reader into the tone, view, etc.. of your writing.


Blog Post #2 Reflection on Essay 1

I didn’t feel as prepared as I would have liked for the first in-class essay. That being said, my writing was on the same level as my preparation; it could’ve been better. I feel that my writing is like riding a bike. Once you do it a few times, you never forget. But if you haven’t been on a bike in a few years, it seems a little awkward and takes a moment to regain your comfort.

I also feel that the first test is a learning experience for the type of test environments for the future, so I rarely stress about the outcome. I know that my writing wasn’t up to snuff on a rubric scale, but it bothers me on a personal level more than an academic level. I didn’t have a very clear theme and the body wasn’t developed nearly enough for the audience to be invested in my experience. I consider myself a pretty good writer and I don’t like disappointing myself. Also, I feel like I wasted an hour – I just spit up all the letters in a fit of panic and spent a better part of 30mins trying to make a masterpiece out of a mess.

Good thing for me Dr. C has plenty more essays planned so I can redeem myself!

How I Write

I haven’t written in so long that I’m not sure I know how to write anymore! Even though I’m being facetious, that statement is rooted in truth. When I was in high school, I wrote from a academic stand point only – pretty limiting!! But I always tried to find something I was passionate about within those parameters. Once I found “that thing” I could relate to, writing just comes naturally. Generally I write when it’s quiet so I can zone out. I’ll mull around ideas, almost like a daydream, until I say, “AHA! I’ve got it!” Most all writing follows a general format or formula so once I’ve got the “insides” on paper it’s all revision and rearranging from there!

(free write from class)

Blog Post #1 – About Me

Quite a general topic, huh? Assignments like this should be easy, but I get hung up on how long or short it should be. Let’s stick to the basics then:

I graduated 4 years ago from a local school. I committed to the school of my dreams, UGA, after receiving my acceptance letter. I spent a year at school, but became frustrated and disinterested in continuing my studies after I dropped my initial major. I’ve been working since that time which helped me regain the determination to go through school. I hope to enter a field of or relating to neuroradiology. It will take a couple weeks to get back into the academic mindset, but there is a famous saying “no pain, no gain.” I know the feeling of being accomplished is well worth it!

Goals for English 1101-H

I assumed I wouldn’t be stimulated by an intro English course. I’ve done very well in all my previous English courses. But it’s been a while since I’ve been in a classroom so, I tried to think about situations I’ve struggled with in the past. Here’s what I came up with for my goals:

1. Be a better active writer: I’m an avid reader so most of the writing process is easy, but I think I sound dull sometimes. I want to be able to recognize how to make an exciting revision of my original ideas.

2. & 3. Broaden my writing angles and Manage writers block: These two are intertwined. I get writers block because I tend to write about topics and/or angles I’m comfortable with. It can be limiting and I get stuck easily. Maybe if I broaden my approaches, I will have more plans of attack on a writing assignment.